Tony’s Words
1. How Quickly Can You Be Forgiven? Immediately
2. Understand God’s Strength
3. His Plan is Better than Ours
4. I Don’t Know How Big The Grace of God Is
5. We Have To Be People Living In Victory NOT Waiting For It
6. Why Do We Sing About God Like Its A Regular Thing?
7. Sometimes Serving Is Inconvenient
8. Serve Glady and Preach The Gospel The Way We Live
9. Leave Trouble Outside And Bring Praise Inside
10. Give A Real Smile Not A Fake One
11. We Need To Live A Lifestyle of Worship
12. It’s Not Just To Sing The Song But To Live The Life
13. We were looking for worldly things and Jesus was looking for us
14. We are blind but Truth opens them
15. Fruit shows we have encountered Jesus
16. Perfect No, Changed Yes
17. Do you just know about Jesus or Trust in Jesus?
18. You can give a perfect answer but then do a perfectly
terrible action, but He still loves us.
19. If we are proud of Jesus, We will show it
20. We are changed by Jesus when we are saved
        Some changes will be immediate
        Some changes will take time
21. Are you looking for a Savior but not for a Lord?
22. Some people hear but not mature
23. Have you made an emotional decision for Jesus?
24. If you really belong to Him, you will follow Him
25. Why do you think you can just walk into His Heaven?
26. What are you caught up in besides Jesus?
27. Are you more concerned about God’s work than your meal getting cold?
28. Lord, I did a little work for you and here is my offering